Rare historical photos

Canadian soldier Heath Matthews waits for medical attention after being hit by mortar fire in Korea, 1952.

Amon Goeth, who was depicted in Schindler’s List, on his balcony preparing to fire on prisoners.
Series of images showing just how quickly the Empire State Building was constructed.
Italians view remnants of Emperor Caligula’s ships, supposedly found by Mussolini’s regime. 1933.
Ku Klux Klan members on a ferris wheel, 1928.
The Execution of “Murderous Mary,” the only elephant ever executed. She was found guilty of killing her trainer.
The assassination of Anwar Sadat, 1981.

“The Soiling of Old Glory.” A man uses the flag as a weapon during a protest against desegregation.

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An eyeball after a cornea transplant