Interesting historical photos

Cool and mildly interesting historical photos.

Drying stacks of lumber 1919 Seattle

1936, Police in Australia Transform Their Motorcycles Into Chariot Racers.
In the 1950s, Americans tested the effects of atomic bombs by placing life-sized mannequins inside and outside houses, posed in lifelike scenarios. The “survivors” are shown here.
A Circus Elephant in 1928 in London with A Man In Its Mouth.
The Filming of Peter Pan in 1947. Mermaid Actresses taking a Lounging Break.
World War 1, Sound Finders Were Used To Hear Potential Incoming Enemy Planes.
When Saigon was evacuated in 1975, residents and visitors resolved to board the choppers that brought them to safety. Here, an American evacuee, determined to get a place on the last helicopter out of the US Embassy, punches a South Vietnamese man to ensure his place.
1914, Painting The Brooklyn Bridge.
1939, Stagecoach vs an American Airlines DC-3
1923, Boxing match at Yankee Stadium.
In the 1950s several companies provided machines that dispensed beer, whiskey, and even mixed drinks to tired and frustrated workers in offices and factories.
Before the rise of the Taliban in the mid-90s, Afghan women were free to enter public spaces without supervision, wearing non-traditional garb. Women were encouraged to attend university and many possessed professional careers.


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