Amazing historical photos

Colorized photo of a brutal boxing match in 1913.

Fans of the Beatles go nuts during a concert in the late 1960s.
A diver goofs off by holding an umbrella sometime in the mid 1940s.

Orson Welles reading War of the Worlds as if its really happening during a live broadcast in 1938. The public had no idea it was fake. Panic and mass confusion gripped the US in most places for at least a day as people, despite not seeing any of the events they heard on the radio, thought Mars had invaded.

The vastly different reactions of Czechoslovakian citizens in Sudeten greeting German soldiers as they march past them in 1938.

The first Governor of Southern Nigeria Sir Walter Egerton with 2 of his servants in Lagos in 1910.
Construction workers take a break and play harmonicas while building the Rockefeller Center skyscraper in NYC in 1932.
An all girl Iranian pop band taking a promo picture before touring in Pakistan in 1974.

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